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About Siebel eLoyalty

Siebel eLoyalty is a customer portal that gives members direct access to the loyalty program.

Siebel eLoyalty can reduce the workload of your Member Service Representatives. Customers can use Siebel eLoyalty to enroll as members. Members can use Siebel eLoyalty to perform many activities for themselves, rather than calling member service representatives.

This chapter gives you background information about how members use Siebel eLoyalty.

Siebel eLoyalty works with Siebel Loyalty. Any information that a member enters in eLoyalty is stored in the same way as the information that a member services representative enters in Loyalty. Any information entered using one channel immediately appears in the other channels as well, so eLoyalty, Loyalty, and the Partner Portal always work together.

For example, if a member uses eLoyalty to enroll in a program or promotion, the same information is entered in the Siebel database that would be entered if the member telephoned a member service representative to enroll. Thus, you can work with this information as you with any information about members.

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