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Modifying Loyalty Programs

Before you can modify a Loyalty Program, you must deactivate it.

NOTE:  You can keep running the cached Loyalty Program while you are modifying it. Once a batch engine's or real-time engine's cache is loaded, you can deactivate a Program or Promotion without impacting the actively running engine components. This cache is loaded when the engine components are started (batch component) or the first processing request is made (real-time component). Changes in the Program become available to users after you reactivate the program and click the Update Cache button.

To modify a Loyalty program

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Program Administration screen > Programs view.
  2. In the Programs list, in the record for the program you want to modify, clear the Active check box.
  3. Modify the program as needed, using the same methods described in Process of Setting Up Loyalty Programs.
  4. When you have made all needed changes, select the Active check box to activate the program again.
  5. Click Update Cache.
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