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Transferring Points Between Loyalty Members

You can create a transaction to transfer points from one member to another. This type of action requires approval. The transferred points retain the same point type and expiration date as when they resided in the original account. You cannot cancel this kind of transaction; if the transfer was made in error, you must create another transaction to transfer the points back.

The following guidelines apply to point transfers:

  • A point transfer does not affect the point block that the points came from. When a transfer occurs, those points already belong to the donor member and therefore have already been deducted from a point block.
  • You can only transfer available points, not qualifying points. In other words, you cannot use point transfers to move members up or down tiers.
  • You cannot cancel a point transfer. If you transferred points by mistake, you must transfer the points back in a separate transaction.
  • Points can only be transferred between members of the same program.

To transfer points from one loyalty member to another

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. In the Members list, click the Member # field of the donor member.
  3. Click the Transactions view tab.
  4. Add a new record to the Transactions list, and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.


    Select Redemption.

    Sub Type

    Select Transfer.

    Product Name

    The system automatically fills this field with Point Transfer.

    Transfer To/From

    Select the member who will receive the points.

    Base Points

    Specify the number of points to be transferred.

    Point Type

    Specify the type of points to be transferred.


    Select Submitted.

    NOTE:  Qualifying points are not transferred regardless of whether the Qualifying check box is selected or cleared.

    This redemption transaction transfers the points out of the donor member's account. The system automatically creates and processes an accrual transaction that transfers the points into the recipient member's account.

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