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Changing the Fields Used in Loyalty Attributes

Attributes are used in promotion rules. For more information, see Creating Attributes for Loyalty.

Most types of attributes represent fields in records such as the Member record or the Transaction record.

The List of Values view of the Administration - Data screen is used to specify the fields within each record that are available for use as attributes.

Table 2 shows the value of the Type field in the List of Values view that is used to specify the fields that can be used for each type of attribute.

Table 2. Type in LOV Administration Used to Specify Values for Attribute Types
Attribute Type
Value of Type field in LOV Administration

Member Field Attributes


Member Tier Attributes


Transaction Attributes


Promotion Specific Attributes


Point Type


NOTE:  The values for the Type field in Table 2, and other samples in the sections that follow, are seed data that is supplied with your Siebel application.

You can change the fields that a type of attribute can represent by changing its list of values in the List of Values view.

NOTE:  Each entry in the List of Values Administration view should represent an active field in the corresponding business component.

For more information about changing lists of values, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

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