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Sending Transactions to Partners for Review

Some transactions need to be reviewed and approved by partners. For example, the host company might send transactions to a partner for approval if the companies are running a type of joint promotion that requires the partner's explicit approval of transactions, or, a transaction might be rejected by the Loyalty Engine so the partner must edit the transaction's information before submitting it for reprocessing.

When you create these transactions, you should select the partner employee who should review it in the Submit To field.

The partner can receive the transaction for review in two ways:

  • Through the Partner Portal. The partner reviews each transaction in the Transactions Approval view of the Transactions screen of the Partner Portal and selects the status Acceptable or Rejected.
  • Through an external application. The transactions can be send back and forth between Loyalty and the partner's external application. This option requires integrating Loyalty with the third party application.

To submit a transaction to a partner for review

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Transactions screen.
  2. In the Transactions list, select the transaction to be reviewed by the partner.
  3. In the Transaction form, in the Partner Name field, select the partner company that must review the transaction.
  4. In the Status Field, select Submitted.
  5. In the Pick Employee dialog box's To Employee field, select the partner reviewer and click Send.

    NOTE:  Check the transaction's Status field later to see whether the partner has approved or rejected it.

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