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Entering Loyalty Members' Transactions

A Transaction is any action that accrues ("earns") or debits ("burns") points for a member. There are two types of transactions:

  • Accrual Transactions. The member performs some activity that earns points. Some examples are flying between specified cities, staying in a hotel, spending money on a purchase, or selling products.
  • Redemption Transactions. The member redeems points for a reward. Some examples of rewards are a product, a service, or an upgrade.

The member can also perform some of these transactions in other ways. For example, the member might earn points by purchasing a product from a retailer or redeeming points using eLoyalty. These transactions will also be listed in the Transactions view of the Loyalty Members screen, so member service representatives can use this view to look at a complete list of member transactions.

When redeeming points for a reward, the member can choose to pay for the transaction entirely with points, or with a combination of points and other values such as cash or a credit card charge.

NOTE:  As an alternative to the Members screen, transactions can also be entered in the Transactions screen.

To enter a transaction

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. In the Members list, click the Member # field of the member.
  3. Click the Transactions view tab.
  4. Add a new record to the Transactions list, and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are Some fields are described in the following table.

    Transaction Date

    Displays the date when the transaction occurred. This is used as the date when the customer earns the points.

    NOTE:  To decide whether a promotion applies to a transaction, the Siebel Loyalty Engine evaluates whether the transaction's Transaction Date (not its Processed On Date) is within the promotion's start and end dates, inclusive.


    Select whether the transaction is an Accrual or Redemption.

    Sub Type

    Select the Subtype for the transaction. For accrual transactions, the subtypes are Action Based Bonus, Cancellation, Gift, Loan, and Product. For redemption transactions, the subtypes are Cancellation, Loan Repayment, Product, and Transfer.


    Select the status of the transaction from these options:

    • In Progress. Default status when a transaction is first created manually.
    • Submitted. The MSR selects this value if manager approval is required for this transaction.
    • Cancelled. The MSR can click the Cancel button to set the value of the status to Cancelled. This status is used to recall a transaction that it has been submitted for approval. After submitting a transaction, the MSR cannot change it without recalling it.
    • Rejected - Manager. The manager selects this value to reject the transaction.
    • Approved. The MSR or manager selects this value to approve the transaction.
    • Acceptable. If the status is Acceptable, the user can process the transaction in real time by clicking the Process button. The engine will not process transactions with this status; the user must click the Process button. For information about when transactions are created with the status Acceptable, see Allowing Manual Processing of Queued Loyalty Transactions.
    • Queued. If the status is Queued, the engine component that is invoked by clicking the Process button will not process this transaction. It is only processed by the batch engine.
    • Will process the transaction. A MSR may do this immediately after creating a transaction or after a transaction is approved. In addition, transactions that are imported in bulk are usually given this status.
    • Partner Pending. Indicates that an action from a partner is required before the transaction can be processed. The possible actions by a partner are Partner Approved and Partner Rejected.

    The field may also display the following values, generated by the application:

    • Rejected - Engine: Insufficient Points. The application sets the field to this value if the member does not have enough points for the redemption transaction.
    • Rejected - Engine: Missing Member Data. The application sets the field to this value if required data about the member is missing.

    Product Name

    If the subtype is Product, select the name of the product.

    Base Points

    Displays the minimum number of points a member would receive (if this is an accrual) or use (if this is a redemption). All promotion calculations (such as a 50% bonus) are based on this value.

    Point Type

    Select the base point's type. For more information about point types, see Creating Point Types for Loyalty Programs.

    Qualifying Points

    Displays whether the base points are qualifying or non-qualifying (bonus) points.

    Submit To

    Displays the user ID of the person who must approve the transaction. Defaults to the MSR's manager. The MSR can choose a different value to submit this transaction to someone else for approval. To process the transaction without manager approval, leave this field empty and follow the instructions in Step 6.

    For information about setting up the manager's approval limit, see Adding Employees as Loyalty Users.

    Voucher #

    If this is a redemption of a voucher, enter the voucher number.

    Voucher Type

    If this is a redemption of a voucher, enter the voucher type.

    Voucher Qty

    If this is a redemption of a voucher, enter the quantity of vouchers redeemed.

    Total Points

    Displays the total number of points accrued or debited by point type. Automatically generated by the Siebel Loyalty Engine.

  5. You can view more information about a transaction by clicking the hyperlink in the Transaction Id field. Look at the Accrual Items list, if this is an accrual transaction, or at the Redemption Items list, if this was a redemption transaction. The Accrual Items list shows all of the points that a member earned for this single transaction. The Redemption Items List shows the original accruals that were used to pay for the redemption. Both these lists are read-only.
  6. If you want to process this transaction without manager approval:
    1. Click the hyperlink in the Transaction Id field.
    2. In the More Info form, select the External check box.
    3. In the Transaction form, in the Status field, select Acceptable.
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