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Entering Loyalty Members' Travel Profiles

You can track members' travel profiles to provide them with service more effectively and to target promotions.

For example, the travel profile can track members' preferred airlines, their preferred hotels, and their preferred car-rental agencies.

Members can enter their travel profile through the eLoyalty Web site, or the Member Service Representative can enter the travel profile.

NOTE:  The values available in the travel profile depend on the partner type entered in the Partner > More Info view. For example, if you select Airline as the partner type for a partner, then that partner can be chosen as a preferred airline in Travel Profile view. If you cannot select a partner that you should be able to select in one of these fields, then go to Partner > More Info view and make sure the value in the Partner Type field for that partner is the same as one of the current values available in the drop-down list for the Partner Type field.

To enter a member's travel profile

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. In the Members list, select the member and click its Member # hyperlink.
  3. Click the Travel Profile view tab.
  4. In the Travel Profile form, click New and complete the necessary fields.
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