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Adding Market Development Fund (MDF) Requests to Loyalty Promotions

You can add Market Development Fund (MDF) requests for expected or incurred expenses to a promotion.

For more information about MDF requests, see Siebel Marketing User Guide.

To add MDF requests to a loyalty promotion

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Promotions Administration screen.
  2. In the Promotions list, find the promotion to which you want to add MDF requests and click the hyperlink in its Promotion # field.
  3. If the promotion form's Active check box is selected, click Modify.
  4. Click the MDF Requests view tab.
  5. Add one or more new records to the list, and complete the necessary fields in each record. Some fields are described in the following table.


    MDF from which to draw the requested amount.


    Partner that will receive benefit from the MDF disbursement.


    Date by which the funds are needed.


    Current date as of when the fund request was created. Automatically populated by the system.

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