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Changing Loyalty Members' Tier Status Manually

Tier status is automatically calculated based upon the number of qualifying points a member has earned.

In special situations, you may want to manually change a member's tier status. For example, a consultant who travels continuously is a Platinum member, but this consultant is assigned to a project that requires no travel for nine months. By default, the consultant would lose Platinum status. Because you know the consultant will be a valuable customer again after this project is completed, you manually assign the customer Platinum status.

Before changing a member's tier status manually, a member service representative must investigate whether the member should be awarded a special status. This decision depends on your business model, but before doing it, the member service representative might evaluate the member by:

Entering and Submitting the Special Tier Status

When member service representatives decide that members should be awarded the special status, they enter the status and submit it to a manager for approval.

To enter and submit a special tier status

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. In the Members list, select the member and click its Member # hyperlink.
  3. Click the Tiers view tab.
  4. Select the tier record that will be changed
  5. Click Revise.

    A new record is created with the same value in the Tier Class field as record you selected.

  6. In the new record, complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.


    Select the tier to which you want to promote the member.

    Start Date and End Date

    Displays values that are automatically calculated. If you want the tier's start and end dates to be different than these values, these must be entered by the manager who approves the change.

    NOTE:  If you enter a new start and end date for the tier now, those dates will be overridden by the Loyalty Engine when the tier change is approved

    Submit To

    Select the manager who must approve this request or enter the manager's user name.

    The tier's status changes to Pending until the manager approves the change

Approving or Rejecting the Manual Tier Change

The responsible manager reviews the request for the manual tier change and approves it or rejects it.

To approve or reject the special tier status

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. In the link bar, click Member Tier for Approval List.

    The My Tier Approvals list appears, with all the tier changes that this manager must approve.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • To approve the special status, click Approve.

      The Approval Status becomes Manual - Approved and the tier's Start Date and End Date are automatically calculated by the Loyalty Engine. If you want to enter a different Start Date or End Date, do so now. In the Member > Tiers view, you can see that this new tier is now the active tier for this tier class.

    • To reject the special status, click Reject.

      The Approval Status becomes Manual - Rejected. In the Member > Tiers view, you can see that the old tier for this tier class is still the active tier, while the new tier displays as rejected and is inactive.

  4. If an additional level of approval is required, select the manager who must give this approval in the Submit To field.
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