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Application Methods for Browser Script

Table 73 lists a summary of the application methods' syntax.

Table 73 does not include methods that are not invoked directly from an Application object instance. For information on methods that are called with InvokeMethod on the Application object, see InvokeMethod Methods for the Application Object.

Table 73. Application Methods Syntax Summary

ActiveApplet Method

Returns the name of the applet that has input focus.

var applet;
applet = theApplication().ActiveApplet();

ActiveBusComp Method

Returns the business component associated with the active applet.

var busComp;
busComp = theApplication().ActiveBusComp();

ActiveBusObject Method

Returns the business object for the business component of the active applet.

var busObject;
busObject = theApplication().ActiveBusObject();

ActiveViewName Method

Returns the name of the active view.

var viewName;
viewName = theApplication().ActiveViewName();

FindApplet Method

Returns the applet object identified in the argument.

var applet;
applet = theApplication().FindApplet

GetProfileAttr Method

Returns the value of an attribute in a user profile.

var sAttr;
sAttr = theApplication().GetProfileAttr(name);

GetService Method

Instantiates and returns a new instance of the service specified in the argument.

var svc;
svc = theApplication().GetService

InvokeMethod Method

Calls the named specialized method.

var outPs;
outPs = theApplication().InvokeMethod
(methodName, methodArgs);

Name Method

Returns name of the application.

var appName;
appName = theApplication().Name();

NewPropertySet Method

Constructs and returns a new property set object.

var PropSet;
PropSet = theApplication().NewPropertySet();

SetProfileAttr Method

Used in personalization to assign values to attributes in a user profile.

theApplication().SetProfileAttr(name, value);

ShowModalDialog Method

Allows you to show a modal dialog box with the cursor maintained in its default state.

theApplication().ShowModalDialog (url[, argin][, options])

SWEAlert Method

Displays a modal dialog box containing a message to the user.


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