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WF Step I/O Argument (H)

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Identifies the input and output arguments to process step. Each step accepts input from the workflow process and passes back output to the workflow process.

Valid Values/Examples

Business Component

The name of the business component within the business object of the business process.


Business Component Field

The name of a field within the business component.


Field Name

Field referred to by its name.


Input Flag

Indicates if the field is an input argument, output argument, or a search specification. Read only.


Method Arg

Used as storage for different calculated fields depending upon input flag.



Text narrative describing the purpose of the Step I/O Argument.


Output Arg

The name of the output argument from the business service.

This is a drop-down list of output arguments for the selected method. An argument appears in this drop-down list if it has been defined as a business service method argument, the Hidden flag is set to FALSE, and the type is Output or Input/Output.

Property Name (R)

The name of the Process Property to store the results.

This is a drop-down list of properties that have been defined for the process.


Sequence of the arguments (for upgrade purposes).


SubProcess Input Arg

List of arguments passed to a subprocess from the parent workflow process.

The drop-down list contains process properties for the selected subprocess.

SubProcess Output Arg

The name of the output argument from the subprocess.

For Output Argument type.

Type (R)

The type of argument.

Business Component, Expression, Literal, and Output Argument

Value/Search Specification

An optional search specification.

If you entered Expression in the Type field, enter an expression such as [Status] LIKE '*Open*'. The expression is evaluated by the Expression business component you specify.

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