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Creating a Follow-On Order

An order passes the point of no return when the company's business policies dictate that a customer can no longer change the order because it would be too expensive. For example, if the service is fully installed and is now being tested, it is at the point of no return.

When an order has reached the point of no return, so it is not possible to create a supplemental order, you can create a follow-on order for a customer, which allows the customer to place a new order for the same service using the original order as a starting point.

A follow-on order is a future-dated change to an asset before the asset is fulfilled, which can be created at any time. This procedure shows one common use of follow-on orders.

To create a follow-on order

  1. Navigate to the Orders screen.
  2. In the Orders list, query for the order for which you want to create a follow on order.
  3. Drill down on the Order # link to display the Order screen, Line Items view.
  4. Select the line item for the service that you want to change and click Modify.
  5. If the service is customizable, the Configurator view appears. Make the changes to the service and click Done.

    Depending on the type of Account (Residential or Business) either the Quote Detail view or the Order Line Items view will be displayed with the follow-on order.

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