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Modifying the Service Profile

With asset-based ordering, employee end users use the Account Summary or Contact Summary view to access the service profile and to work with quotes and orders. End users can also access an account's service profile in the Billing Item and Installed Asset views.

NOTE:  There is an Accounts view labeled Service Profile, but it is used primarily in Field Service. It does not display the customer's service profile that is used in asset-based ordering.

There are several ways to modify the service profile of a customer:

If a quote is generated by any of these methods, the service profile will be updated when the quote and subsequent order are fulfilled. This is typically done in one of two ways:

  • From an external order management system. For more information on how this is done, see Workflow to Apply an Order to the Service Profile.
  • From an external system that maintains service profiles. In this case, Siebel EIM sends a replication of the customer's profile to the Siebel application. For more information about EIM, see Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide.

Preconfigured, an Auto-Asset button can be used to update the service profile from a completed Order. However, when one of the two methods above is implemented, the integrator usually removes the Auto-Asset button. If the Auto-Asset button has not been removed, the end user can use the following procedure.

To modify the service profile using Auto-Asset

  1. Navigate to the Sales Orders screen, then the List view.
  2. In the Orders list, drill down on the desired order number of an order that has been submitted.
  3. In the Line Items list, set the status of the line items to Complete.
  4. Click Auto-Asset.

    NOTE:  Auto-Asset must be invoked once for each root level product in the Order.

  5. Navigate to the Account Summary view for the Service Account associated with the line items.

    The completed order line items will be reflected in the service profile.

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