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Deactivating an Installed Asset

With asset-based ordering, employee end users can use the procedure below to create a quote that discontinues an existing customer service.

When you use this procedure, the account type determines whether a quote or order is created. If the account type is Residential, quotes are not created and all modifications of the service profile create an order directly. For all other account types, a quote is created.

NOTE:  The following procedure shows how to deactivate an installed asset owned by an account. You can also deactivate an installed asset owned by a contact using a similar procedure, by navigating to the Contacts screen, then Contact Summary view.

To deactivate a installed asset

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, then the Accounts List view.
  2. In the Accounts list, click the name of the appropriate account.
  3. Click the Account Summary view tab.
  4. In the Installed Assets list or the Billing Items list, select the installed asset you want to deactivate, and click Deactivate.

    The Quotes form appears. The Line Items list shows the items that will be deactivated.

  5. Verify that the installed assets you want to deactivate display an action code of Delete.
  6. Convert the quote to an order and submit it. For more information, see Converting Quotes to Orders Using Asset-Based Ordering.
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