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SIS OM Sync Delta Subprocess

This workflow, shown in Figure 55, is called by the Headless Configuration Service to synchronize the changes to the customizable product line item. The asset based ordering difference between the batch validated asset and the original asset is calculated, and that is applied to the document.

This workflow is called by the HdlsCfgSvcSyncABO signal.

Figure 55. SIS OM Sync Delta Subprocess
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Workflow Description. This workflow does the following:

  1. This step resets the cache to prevent an incomplete workflow from entering the PMT cache.
  2. This step sets the product instance.
  3. This step sets the output header.
  4. This step calls the Delta method of the SIS OM PMT Service to compare the modified asset against the original asset.
  5. This step checks if the decision is to synchronize the change:
    • If the decision to synchronize is Yes, then synchronizes the change.

      This decision is controlled by the Sync input argument of the Headless Configuration Service business service.

    • If the decision to synchronize is No (which is the default), then the process ends.

Associated Business Service Methods. The following table shows the steps in this workflow that call business service methods.

Workflow Step
Business Service Method Called

Reset PMT Cache


Set Product Instance

Set Product Instance

Set Output Header

Set Output Header



Sync Delta


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