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Creating Products for Fleet Management

Before the customer service representatives can create orders, the product administrator must create the appropriate products for your implementation of Siebel Orders for Fleet Management.

Table 2 shows some product types and some examples of products that you might create for each type. The product types and products that you want depend on your business model.

Table 2. Sample Product Types and Products
Product Type
Examples of Products


The transportation products that your fleet provides.


NOTE:  The seed data provides a product with the name, Transportation. You can create other products of the type Transportation, if it is appropriate for your business model.


Optional extra services that can be purchased with the transportation products.

  • Steam Trailer
  • Customer Live Unload


The products that you deliver for your customers.

  • Frozen Foods
  • Fresh Foods
  • Gravel

If necessary, you can create your own product types. For information about configuring your own product types, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications. For information about creating products, see Siebel Product Administration Guide.

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