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Order Entry Toolkit Business Service Methods

The Order Entry Toolkit (OET) business service is a set of methods that allow Siebel order management processes to be implemented in eSales workflows. The business service includes methods to manipulate the user's account information, validate payment information, and navigate to eSales views. These methods summarized in Table 46.

Table 46. EOT Methods

CreateAccount Method

Creates a new account, associates it with the User and associates specified addresses to that account. The method also sets a specified field in the Quote BC, if it is required.

CreateOrder Method

Converts a quote to an order.

GetBCCount Method

Gets the number of rows and first row ID in a BC for the input Search Spec. If Parent and Child BC names are provided, the search spec is applied to the Parent BC. If no Parent BC is provided, the Search Spec in applied to the one input BC.

GotoView Method

Navigates to the view specified in the input argument.

SelectPrimary Method

Selects a record in the picklist into a field.

SetLIAccounts Method

Rolls down the Service and Billing Account field values from the Quote or Order Header to the line items, if the value is NULL.

SubmitOrder Method

Submits the Pending Order by changing the Order Header and Line Items status to Open. Optionally, sets the Order ID to a defined (user property) Profile Attribute.

ValidatePayment Method

Validates the payment method, verifying that only one payment method at a time is specified for a quote.

ValidateQuote Method

Sets the Invalid Flag for all line items that have a base price = 0 except those that have an Action Code = Delete.

ViewCart Method

Navigates to the CME Shopping Cart if licensed; otherwise, to the standard Shopping Cart.

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