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PSP-Supported Action Expression Constructs

Table 7 defines the types of action expressions supported by PSP.

Table 7. Action Constructs

Set a property of a row to the value of an expression

{Row.Eligibility Status} = LookupValue('ELIGIBILITY_STATUS','No')

{Parent.Roll-Up Amount} = ToNumber({Parent.Roll-Up Amount}) + ToNumber({Row.Net Price})

Remove a property from a row

{Row} -= {Row.Temp Roll-Up Price}

Move a row from one row set to another

{Output Row Set} += {Row}

{Row Set} += {Output}

Copy a row to another row set

{Output Row Set} += Copy({Row})

Construct a new row and attach it as a child to the specified row set or row

{Row}.{Waterfall} += New('Waterfall', Text = 'Hello', Value = 10)

{Row Set} += New('Row', Text = {Match.Text})

Delete the current row from a row set

{Row Set} -= {Row}

{Output Row Set} -= {Output}

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