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Attaching a Business Service to a Message Response

When the user selects a message type response (for example, by clicking the Accept button for an upsell message), the active message display service informs the UMS by calling its Process Response method. The UMS then calls the business service method associated with that response.

You define which business service method will handle a response in the Administration - Application > Message Types > Responses view.

The Siebel application provides prebuilt methods for handling upsell and cross-sell in the Product UpSell CrossSell Service business service. You can implement your own automated response-handling logic (such as for sending an email with product details) by scripting your own business service method. This method must process the Payload argument, as described in Table 38.

Table 38. Product UpSell CrossSell Service Input Argument



A property set containing all payload variables provided with the message when it was added to the UMS. The message-generation engine must provide values required to process the message in the payload variables.

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