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About Integration Objects

An integration object is an object that contains the contents of the messages that Siebel CRM Desktop exchanges between the Siebel Server and Microsoft Outlook.

Siebel Message Usage with the EAI Siebel Adapter

A Siebel message is an instance of an integration object that provides the input to the EAI Siebel Adapter business service. The integration object can carry multiple commands in a single call to the business service. The commands can be grouped together so that the business service can process the commands in a batch. When Siebel CRM Desktop sends an instance of an integration object from Microsoft Outlook, the object is encapsulated in an element of the Siebel message. Each of these messages contains a Siebel message header.

Integration Objects That Siebel CRM Desktop Uses

Siebel CRM Desktop uses integration objects that include the following prefix:


You must not create a new integration object for an existing object. Only create a new integration object for a new, custom object that does not already have an integration object. Consider the following examples:

The following list includes some of the integration objects that allow Siebel CRM Desktop to access Siebel CRM data, such as accounts, opportunities, and contacts. Note that this list is only an example. It does not include all the integration objects that Siebel CRM Desktop uses:

  • CRMDesktopAccountIO
  • CRMDesktopActionExceptionIO
  • CRMDesktopActionIO
  • CRMDesktopAssignmentGroupIO
  • CRMDesktopBusinessAddressIO
  • CRMDesktopContactIO
  • CRMDesktopCurrencyIO
  • CRMDesktopEmployeeIO
  • CRMDesktopIndustryIO
  • CRMDesktopInternalDivisionIO
  • CRMDesktopInternalProductIO
  • CRMDesktopListOfValuesIO
  • CRMDesktopOpportunityIO
  • CRMDesktopPickListGenericIO
  • CRMDesktopPickListHierarchicalIO
  • CRMDesktopPositionIO
  • CRMDesktopSalesCycleDefIO
  • CRMDesktopSystemPreferencesIO
  • CRMDesktopUserDetailsIO

To meet other integration requirements, Siebel CRM Desktop uses the following integration objects:

  • CRMDesktopLocaleIO. PIM locale setting integration objects that provide access to the locale settings.
  • CRMDesktopSystemPreferencesIO. An integration object for a PIM system preference that provides access to the system preferences for the Siebel Server.
  • CRMDesktopUserDetailsIO. For login user data.
  • PIMClientMetaData and PIMClientMetadataFile. For metadata file download.
  • PIMClientSync. A wrapper that includes other integration objects.
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