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Referring Cases to Third-Party Providers

This task is a step in Process of Managing Benefits Cases.

Many agencies contract with third-party providers and other agencies to manage cases that have met eligibility criteria. The agent or manager who approves the case can set the case status to Third-Party, and use manual or automatic routing tools to forward the case to a partner agent. Only information that is authorized for the third-party is available by means of a secure Internet-based Oracle Siebel Partner Relationship Management portal.

After the case is routed, the partner agent logs on to a Partner Portal, reviews new cases (flagged with an asterisk), and begin work on these cases. As the partner agent makes progress on the case, the agency can view case status, documentation, and other relevant information. As a result, the agency can maintain oversight and access to real-time information on work being completed by partner agents.

Associating a Partner with a Case

Partners can be used to track law firms, or other third party organizations involved in a particular case.

To add a partner

  1. Navigate to the Cases screen > Cases List view.
  2. Select a record and drill down on the Case Name field.
  3. Click the Partners view tab.
  4. In the Partners list, click New and select a predefined partner to associate with the case.

    When a partner is associated with a case record, the partner record is automatically designated as the primary. You can change the primary partner if more than one partner is associated with the case record.

Assigning a Case to a Partner Provider

The assignment of a referral to an expert for further management is accomplished manually, or automatically, using Assignment Manager. To refer a case to a partner provider, the government agency employee making the referral must add the partner agent receiving the referral to the case team.

To assign a case to a partner provider

  1. Navigate to the Cases screen, and query for the case.
  2. In the case record, add the partner agent who is receiving the case referral to the Case Team.
  3. Save the record.

    When the partner agent logs into the Partner Portal application, the newly assigned case appears under that agent's myCases list.

Reviewing Referred Cases

Once assigned, the partner agent can accept the case and manage it appropriately in the following manner.

To review newly assigned partner provider cases

  1. Log into the Partner Portal with an established user name and password.
  2. Navigate to the Cases screen > Cases List and review the list of cases.

    An asterisk appears in the New field for newly assigned cases.

  3. In the case record, click the link in the Case Name field.
  4. From the case details form, click the appropriate view tab.

    The partner agent can review assigned Activities, Attachments, related Service Requests, and Notes.

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