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Reviewing Benefits Case Details

This task is a step in Process of Managing Benefits Cases.

After the assessment process is completed, new cases can be manually or automatically routed to a manager for review and approval. The manager sees pending cases in the MyCases list and then clicks the link for each new case record to review details. See Submitting Cases for Approval and Approving Cases and Leads Using the Inbox for more information on automatic approval routing.

To review the details of a benefits case

  1. From the home page, review the data in the My Cases list, and click on the column headings to sort, if necessary.
  2. In the case record, click the link in the Case Name field to get additional details about that case. You can also click the My Cases link at the top of the page to review all of your cases.
  3. From the Case form, click the associated view tabs to review attachments and other case related information.

    For example, the Attachments view might include supporting documentation verifying a disability.

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