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Submitting Cases for Approval

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

As soon as you have added approvers to the case record, you can submit it for approval. Approvals are routed in accordance with the sequence number entered for each approver. See Creating Case Approval Templates for more information.

NOTE:  Administrators must activate the PS Object Approval Main Process workflow to allow case and lead approval routing. See Activating Public Sector Workflows for more information.

To submit a case for approval

  1. Navigate to the Cases screen > Case List view.
  2. Select a record and drill down on the Case Name field.
  3. In the Case form, select a case approval template from the Approval Template field.

    TIP:   If you do not see the template that you require in the Select Template dialog box, make sure that the Category, Territory, Priority, Threat Type, and Threat Category values are correct. These values must match those in the template record so that the correct templates can be displayed.

  4. In the Case form, click Submit.

    The case record status changes to Submitted, the fields become read-only, and the record is routed to the first individual in the chain of approval.

To recall a case sent for approval

  1. Navigate to the Cases screen > Case List view.
  2. Select the record to be recalled and scroll down to the Case form.
  3. Click Recall.

    The record is removed from the approvers Inbox.

    NOTE:  Cases sent for approval can be recalled until an approver starts working on the record from their Inbox.

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