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Activating Public Sector Workflows

Activating the Immigration workflows allows tracking of expired credentials such as visas and passports, and immigration overdue records. Case workflows allow cases to be created from incidents and reopened after being closed. You only need to activate these workflows once for a database. For more information on working with workflows, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

Complete the steps in the following procedure to activate the Immigration Stays and Case Workflows for Siebel Public Sector.

To activate immigration, Inbox, and case workflows

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Business Process screen > Workflow Deployment > Active Processes view.
  2. In the Active Workflow Processes list, query for PUB* and then PS*, and check the status of each workflow.

    If any of the required workflow processes are not returned, this means that they have not yet been activated.

  3. Scroll up to the Repository Workflow Processes list.
  4. Select the appropriate workflow process from the list and click Activate.

    The following table lists each Public Sector workflow process and its business object:

    Workflow Process
    Business Object

    PUB GOV Case Re-open (eService)

    HLS Case

    PUB HLS Create Case

    PUB HLS Incident

    PUB HLS Display Error

    PUB HLS Incident

    PUB HLS Go To View

    HLS Case

    PUB Immigration Credential Expiry

    PUB Immigration Stays

    PUB Immigration Overdue Days No Visa

    PUB Immigration Stays

    PUB Immigration Overdue Days

    PUB Immigration Stays

    PS Object Approval Main Process

    UInbox Item History

    PUB Create Case From Incident

    PUB HLS Incident

    PUB Create Case From SR

    Service Request

    PUB Create Evidence From Asset

    HLS Case

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