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Adding an Image to the Public Sector Home Page

Siebel administrators can change the image displayed in the on the Siebel Public Sector home page using the Home Page Image Administration screen. For example, administrators can change the Warning Level indicator on the Home Page. After the image is published, the image is visible to all users within the same organization. Different organizations can display different images.

To add an image to the Home Page Warning Level indicator

  1. Navigate to the Home Page Image Administration screen.
  2. In the Image list, add an image record and complete the fields.

    For optimal layout on the home page, the image should be no larger than 350 pixels wide by 175 pixels high.

  3. Select the Publish check box to display the image on the home page.

    NOTE:  You can add additional images to the Images list. However, the Publish check box should only be selected for the single image to be displayed on the home page.

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