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Administrator Setup Tasks for Siebel Public Sector

Table 5 lists and describes the administrative setup tasks that are specific to Siebel Public Sector applications and the tasks that may differ from those of the other Oracle Siebel business applications. The table also directs you to documentation that provides information about each task.

When setting up your application, use Table 5 in combination with the Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

Table 5. Administrative Tasks for Siebel Public Sector
Administrative Task
For More Information

Activity Plan templates

If your organization uses activity plans with predefined activities, these templates must be set up. When creating a new activity template to use with cases, the Type value must be set to Case.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Adobe Forms Integration

If your organization wants to automatically populate PDF forms, such as citizenship and immigration applications, with Siebel data, an integration object must be selected or created, a schema generated, and the XML schema mapped to the PDF form.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Assessment templates

If your organization mandates specific assessment criteria, assessment templates with attributes must be set up. When creating a new Case Assessment template, set the Type value to HLS Case.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Assignment Manager

If your organization wants to automate the assignment of case- and immigration-related activities, you can use Assignment Manager's predefined assignment objects.

Assignment Manager and Siebel Public Sector

Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide

Business Processes (Workflow)

If your organization wants to design and implement automatic business process flows, you can use the Business Process Designer. Some predefined workflow processes must be activated.

Activating Public Sector Workflows.

See also Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide

Data loading and integration

If your organization wants to integrate with other database applications or perform periodic batch imports and exports of data between the Oracle Siebel database and other applications, you can perform these tasks using Oracle's Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM).

Using EIM, you can work with the following objects and their components:

  • Cases
  • Diseases
  • Groups
  • Medications
  • Suspects
  • Incidents
  • Leads
  • Offenses
  • Immigration Contacts
  • Arrests
  • Weapons

Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide

Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration

Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration

Business Processes and Rules: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration

Siebel Object Interfaces Reference

Home Page image

If your organization wants to maintain a graphic displayed to users on the Public Sector application home page, you can perform this task using the Home Page Image Administration screen.

Adding an Image to the Public Sector Home Page


If your organization wants to set up iHelp to provide real-time task assistance to users, you can use the iHelp tool to embed view navigation links and highlight fields and buttons on the view that are associated with each step of the task.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide (developing and administering iHelp)

Siebel Fundamentals
(using iHelp)

Lists of Values (LOVs)

If your organization wants to create standard LOVs (for example, for Case Type and Stage, Case Status and Sub-Status), you can create and modify these lists of values.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Literature setup

If agents in your organization need to select literature for distribution records, you must create these records using the Administration - Document screen > Literature view.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Mobile Synchronization

If mobile devices are used by your organization's personnel, the following objects and child components should be activated on the mobile devices with the following visibilities:

  • Cases (My and Team's)
  • Groups (My and Team's)
  • Suspects (My and Team's)
  • Diseases (My and Team's)
  • Medications (All)
  • Leads (My and Team's)
  • Offenses (My and Team's)
  • Immigration Contacts (My and Team's)

Each object should have partial visibility to all child components.

Siebel Service Handheld Guide

Quickfill templates

If your organization wants to create standard templates for commonly used Incident and Case types, you can create Quick Fill templates.

End users can apply templates from the Case and Incident forms by clicking the menu button in the form and choosing Apply Template, Save as Template, New from Template, or New from Last Template.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


If your organization wants to restrict the visibility of views based on each employee's responsibilities, you can assign responsibilities for each user.

For a list of default views associated with each responsibility, see Public Sector Responsibilities and Views.

Siebel Security Guide

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Serialization rules

If your organization wants to change the serialization rules that are provided out of the box with Public Sector, you can edit the rule definitions using the Administration - Case screen > Serialization Rules view.

NOTE:  Depending on how much you want to change the default serialization rules, you may also need to configure the appropriate business objects and components in Siebel Tools. See Adding New Serialization Rules for more information.

Creating Serialization Rule Records and Serialization Rule Attribute Types

Approval templates

If your organization would like to have predefined approval templates available for users, you can define these using the Administration - Case screen > Case Approval Template and Lead Approval Template views.

Setting Up Approval Templates

Location setup

You can create location records and associate new or existing addresses with each location using the Administration - Data screen > Location view.

Defining Locations

Oracle's Siebel Tools

If your organization wants to change or create new application fields or field properties, change colors and controls in the application, and add or remove applets, you can perform these tasks using Oracle's Siebel Tools.

Configuring Siebel Business Applications

Siebel Developer's Reference

Siebel Tools Online Help

Using Siebel Tools

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