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Recording Lead Information

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

Public Sector's lead management allows agencies to track and manage clues and activities of interest. Agents can quickly create leads as part of a case, assign it, add details about the lead and then route the lead for approval. Once approved, leads can be routed manually or automatically. Agencies can receive leads routed from other investigators or departments and manage them in a single queue.

For standardization purposes, leads can be serialized as part of a case in accordance with the specific numbering methodology of a public agency.

Apart from the main investigative screens (Cases, Incidents, Evidence, Group Suspects, and Groups), you can also create or add leads from the following locations to associate them with the appropriate records:

  • Accounts screen > Accounts List > Leads view
  • Contacts screen > Contacts List > Leads view
  • Service screen > Service Requests List > Leads view
  • Immigration Contacts screen > Immigration Contacts > Leads view

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