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Developing Disease Details

This task is a step in Process of Managing Public Health Cases.

After a disease record is created, public health officials can use the associated views to develop details on cases and medications, publish FAQs and solutions documents on internal and external Web sites, associate media such as report documents and photographs with the record, and specify training courses.

Table 9 describes the views associated with a disease record:

Table 9. Views Associated with the Disease Screen


Use this view to associate electronic files such as documents and images to the disease record.


Use this view to create cases associated with the disease. To create activities associated with the cases, click the link in the Case Name field.


Use this view to access predefined solution files. Click the link in the Name field to add solution files. To create solution files, navigate to the Administration - Solutions screen where you can create solutions associated with frequently asked questions. For more information on creating solutions, see Siebel Field Service Guide.


Use this view to associate medications with the disease record. The medication record may include information on drug interactions, other applications, and acceptable substitutes.

Service Requests

Use this view to log service requests. An agency can use service requests to track health complaints, determine if similar complaints exists, and escalate to a case.


Use this view to associate professional course work that can help prepare public health emergency personnel to respond in an emergency and provide medical training.

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