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Documenting Identity History (End User)

This task is a step in Process of Managing Immigration Contacts.

As names and other aspects of identities change, the user can add new records to the contact Identity History view to document the changes. When a new identity record is created for a contact, it defaults to the primary identity, and its status is Active by default.

After the Identity History record is saved, field values other than Status and Primary cannot be changed. Incorrect records can be marked (using the Status field) for later deletion by the administrator. Each identity record is given a unique identifier. The Identity ID field provides a link that the user can use to navigate to the Identities list view.

To add an identity record to Identity History

  1. From the Immigration Contacts Home Page, search for the contact.
  2. From the Identities list, drill down on the Contact ID link.
  3. From the Immigration Contact form, click the Identity History view tab.
  4. Select an Identity History record, and from the menu choose Copy Record.
  5. Make changes in the copied record, and save the changes.

    If an active and primary identity record already exists, the copied record becomes the primary record. The old primary identity's status changes to Inactive.

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