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Documenting Immigration Contact Credentials (End User)

This task is a step in Process of Managing Immigration Contacts.

When a traveler enters the country, the immigration officer must verify the traveler's passport and visa credentials. Each credential record includes information such as the category, identification number, status (active, expired or to be deleted), the issuing country, date issued and expiration date. Active credentials from the Contact Credentials view are listed in the Contact More Info view.

Credentials can only be created from the Immigration Contact Credential view, which ensures that credential records have a corresponding contact. The Credentials List view shows all credentials regardless of contact.

After a credential record is saved, all fields become read-only, except for the status field. If the status field is set to Expired, the entire record becomes read-only. Saved credential records cannot be deleted by an end user. Only administrators can delete credential records using the Credentials Administration view. For more information, see Administering Immigration Contact Records.

The Public Sector application includes a preconfigured workflow that finds all active credentials with an expiration date equal to the previous day's date, and sets the status for these credentials to Expired.

To verify or enter credential information

  1. From the Immigration Contacts Home Page, search for the contact.
  2. From the Identities list, drill down on the Contact ID link.
  3. From the Immigration Contact form, click the Credentials view tab.
  4. In the Credentials list, add a record and complete the fields.

    The following table describes the fields.



    The credentials category can either be Visa or Passport.


    Based on the selected category. For example, if the category is Visa, then the type might be tourist, business, student or employment. If the type is Passport, the type might be regular, diplomatic or official.


    Active, Expired or To Be Deleted (by an administrator).


    This text field allows entry of the identifier associated with the credentials.

    Issuing Country

    The country that issued the visa or passport.

    Date Issued

    Date Issued defaults to the current date.

    Place of Issue

    The Place of Issue for the credential defaults to the organization of the user who creates the credential record.

    Expiration Date

    The date that the credentials expire.

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