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Adding Immigration Contact Details (End User)

This task is a step in Process of Managing Immigration Contacts.

A client's application for citizenship, immigration or visitor status includes a substantial amount of information about the applicant including addresses, credentials, associated cases, and so on.

You can add details to the Immigration Contact record, using the associated view such as Identity History, Credentials and Stays.

To add Immigration Contact Details

  1. Navigate to the Immigration Contacts screen > Immigration Contacts view, and query for the contact.
  2. Drill down on the Contact ID link, and from the details view, click appropriate subview tabs to add information.
  3. Click the view tab, add a record and complete the fields.

    The following table describes the views.


    More Info

    This view includes basic contact details in the form at the top and information about the contact's primary identity and credentials in the bottom form. If there are multiple photos for a contact, users can scroll through the photographs by clicking the forward and back icons above the photograph.


    Use this view to list activities associated with the contact.


    Use this view to list all relevant addresses for the contact.


    Use this view to attach document files associated with the contact.


    Use this view to assign a new case record to the contact, or associate the contact with an existing case.


    Use this view to list credentials such as passports and visas issued to the contact. For more information, see Documenting Immigration Contact Credentials (End User).

    Identity History

    Use this view to list of all identities, past and present, associated with the contact. For more information, see Documenting Identity History (End User).


    Use this view to add notes about the contact. Notes can be designated as being a specific type.


    Use this view to add photographs to a contact record and review photos. The photograph flagged as the primary appears in the More Info view for the contact record.


    Use this view to list all stays by the contact, including information on the Arrival Date, the Departure date and the visa or passport number. Each stay record is given a unique identifier. For more information, see Managing Visitor Stays.

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