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Adding a Contact Identity Record (End User)

This task is a step in Process of Managing Immigration Contacts.

Before adding a new immigration contact, use the Immigration Contacts Home page to query for the contact. From the home page you can search for the contact by last name, first name, gender, birth date and citizenship.

A new contact can only be created from the Identity list view. The Identities list view shows all identities regardless of contact. An identity record is created and saved, and a contact ID is automatically generated from the Identity. Users can then drill into the Contact ID field and add additional details such as addresses, cases, credentials, photographs, and so on.

When a new identity is created for a contact, its default status is Active, and the identity defaults to the primary identity for the contact. A previous active identity is changed to inactive, and the Expired Date for the identity is populated with the current date. Users can override the defaults by updating the status, or selecting a different primary identity.

On the Immigration Contacts More Info view, the contact's primary identity appears in the identity form. Users can see other identities from the same view. The colored icon in the More Info view header indicates the status of the displayed identity record. For active identities, the icon is green; for inactive identities, the icon is red.

A list of all identities for a particular contact is available on the Immigration Contact Identity History view.

To add an immigration contact

  1. Navigate to the Immigration Contacts screen > Identities view.
  2. Expand the identity form to show all fields.
  3. In the Identities list, add an identity, and complete the fields.

    NOTE:  The Secondary Citizenship field is only enabled if the Multiple Citizenship check box flag is set.

    The following table describes some of the fields.


    Contact ID

    Automatically populated with a unique value.

    Contact Type

    For Immigration and Citizenship, typical Type values might be Visitor or Alien.

    Days Overdue

    The value is populated by the workflow, PUB Immigration Overdue Days.

    Watchlist Indicator

    The Watchlist Indicator check box field is available for organizations who want to integrate the application with external watchlists.

    Photograph Available

    The Photograph Available check box is automatically selected if a file has been added to the Immigration Contact Photographs view.

  4. Save the Identity.

    After the Identity record is saved, the fields become read-only, except for the Status field and the Primary flag. If the user needs to change the information in an identity record after it is saved, the best practices method is to create a copy of the existing Identity record and update the necessary fields before saving it. If necessary, change the status of the old Identity record to To be deleted.

About Merging Immigration Contacts

You can merge records from the Immigration Contacts screen > Immigration Contacts View. When two contacts records are merged, the identity records from both contacts are maintained in the Contact Identity History for the merged contact. The primary identity for the primary contact in the merge becomes the primary identity for the merged contact record and the merged contacts have a new Contact ID. All identity records maintain their existing status values.

See Siebel Fundamentals for more information on merging duplicate records.

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