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Adding Subjects Information to Incidents

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

Using the Incidents screen's Subjects view, users can record details about individuals that may have been involved in some way with the incident but whose identity may not have been confirmed. The names and full details of these individuals may not be known but using their description, investigators can match them to possible group suspects or contacts.

To add subject information to an incident

  1. Navigate to the Incidents screen > Incident List view.
  2. Select an incident record and drill down on the Incident Summary field.
  3. Click the Subjects view tab.
  4. In the Subjects list, create a new record.

    A subject number is automatically assigned to each subject record.

  5. In the Matches list, create a new record for each contact or suspect that may match the subject's description.

    While you can manually add possible individuals in the Matches list, the actual matching is a process that is run externally to Public Sector. This external process searches the database for the appropriate record and displays the associated details in the Matches list.

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