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Creating Group Suspect Profiles for an Investigation

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

Suspect records provide profile information on individuals believed to be associated with unlawful acts. Suspects can be associated with incidents, cases, groups, and other investigative data.

When investigating an incident, the agency team maintains a comprehensive history of activities and associates documents and other media with the suspect record. These notes are important when building a case and can help the investigation team avoid duplication of effort.

Apart from the main investigative screens (Cases, Leads, Incidents, Evidence, Group Suspects, and Groups), you can also create or add groups from the Accounts screen > Accounts List > Group Suspects view to associate them with the appropriate records.

To create a suspect profile for an investigative case

  1. Navigate to the Group Suspects screen.
  2. In the Group Suspects list create a new record, and complete the fields.
  3. In the Group Suspect form, enter additional details and comments, and then save the record.
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