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Creating Accounts and Contacts for Sharing Case Information

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

Account profile data is maintained on public and private sector organizations and used for notification purposes. Using the Accounts screen, you can create a repository of agencies and organizations.

NOTE:  Accounts are also used in investigative cases in circumstances where an offense has been committed against a company rather than a person. Accounts can be associated with incidents, cases, suspects, leads, groups, and so on. See Adding Account Information to Incidents for more information.

Contact information can be maintained on public and private sector individuals such as police chiefs, sheriffs, public information agencies, and emergency response personnel. This information can be useful to support notification and correspondence processes involved in either an incident, lead, or case.

To create account and contact information

  1. Navigate to the Accounts or Contacts screen > Home view.
  2. In the Search form, search for an existing account or contact.
  3. If the contact or account is not found, create a new record using the Add form, and then click Add & Go.

    You can also navigate to the appropriate investigative screen (Cases, Leads, Evidence, and so on) and create a contact or account from there.

To locate an agency employee

  1. Navigate to the Employees screen.
  2. In the Employees list, query for the employee.

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