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Adding Account Information to Incidents

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

Offenses can be committed against a person, a company (account), or against both. Examples of when an account would be a victim are someone setting fire to a warehouse, breaking windows, or stealing money from a bank or store. If someone is hurt during such an incident, there are two victims; a person and an account.

When creating an incident report, users can specify the type of victim using the Victim Type field in the Incidents screen > Incident List > More Info view.

To associate an account with an incident

  1. Navigate to the Incidents screen > Incident List view.
  2. Select an incident record and drill down on the Incident Summary field.
  3. Click the Accounts view tab.
  4. Create a new record or click Add to select an existing contact.

    See the Siebel Applications Administration Guide for more information about creating account records.

  5. (Optional) If you want to associate an offense with each account record:
    1. Select the appropriate account in the Accounts list.
    2. Scroll down, click the Offense view tab, and create a new record.

      The offenses available for selection from the Offense Name field are those which have already been added in the Incidents screen > Incidents List > Offenses view. See Adding Offense Information to Incidents for more information.

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