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Adding Activities Related to Incidents

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

If an incident requires follow up activities, investigators can use the Incidents screen's Activities view to create investigative tasks with alarms and assign each activity to a team member. The list of activities provides a history of actions performed to resolve the incident.

To add activities to an incident

  1. Navigate to the Incidents screen > Incident List view.
  2. Select an incident record and drill down on the Incident Summary field.
  3. Click the Activities view tab.
  4. Create a new record and complete the fields as appropriate.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    Select the most appropriate definition of the activity. Typical activity types are arrest, diagnosis, communication, subpoena, surveillance, and so on.


    Specify each team member assigned to the activity.


    Select any group associated with the activity.

    Group Suspect

    Select any suspects associated with the activity.

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