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Adding Global Variables to the Report Design

This task is a step in Process of Using Composite Datastreams in a Report.

To make the field values in the master data row available to the subreports, in this topic you define a global variable that holds the contents of the master data row. This is defined as a public static variable on the report design component, and the variable's type is defined as having the same class as the master data row.

To create a global data row variable in the report design

  1. Open the quotestd.rod file.

    For more information, see Opening a Standard Siebel Report.

  2. In the Report Structure window, expand the trees in the order described in the following table.
    Order In Which to Open Tree
    Tree Name


    Content - SeqLOV


    Content - ssRptQUOTESTD


    DataStream - ssQuoteQueryAddGlobalRow

  3. Click the child DataRow - ssQuoteDataRow.
  4. In the Properties window, click the Variables tab, and then note that the value in the RowNumber variable is Integer.

    In this example, ssQuoteQueryAddGlobalRow is the master datastream, and ssQuoteDataRow is the datastream's child DataRow.

  5. Add a new variable to the QUOTERPT top-level component, using values described in the following table.




    Integer (This is the class name for the DataRow you noted in Step 3.)

    Externally Defined Data Type

    (Leave unchecked.)





    For more information, see Adding a Variable.

Adding a Variable

This topic describes how to add a variable.

To add a variable to a component

  1. In the Report Structure window, right-click the component to which you need to add a variable, and then choose Properties.
  2. In the Properties window, click the Variables tab.

    The list of variables defined for the component appears.

    Note that black text indicates the variable is defined locally in the class code. Grey text indicates the variable is inherited from the parent AcDataRow class.

    The names of the variables are modified field names from the business component. The prefix ss has been added to each variable, and the space character and other special characters have been replaced with the underscore (_) character.

  3. Click New.

    The Class Variable dialog box appears.

  4. Define properties for the new variable, and then click OK.

    The new variable is added to list of variables that appears under the Variables tab in the Properties window.

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