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Deploying Multilingual Reports

After the report executable is complete, you must package the reports for deployment to a Siebel application.

To deploy multilingual reports

  1. Launch the Actuate Management Console.

    The Console opens to the default Files & Folders view. For more information, see Log out of the Actuate Management Console..

  2. In the Files & Folders view, click the Siebel Reports folder.
  3. Click Add File, click Browse to locate the cuaccsvc.rox file, click Open, click Upload, and then click OK.
  4. In the Files & Folders view, click the ENU sub folder of the Siebel Reports folder.

    If your environment uses a language other than ENU, click the appropriate language directory. For more information, see About Language Extensions.

  5. Add the ROX file for ENU.
  6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5, choosing the language sub folder in the Siebel Reports Folder, and then adding the corresponding language file.

    For example, to add French, choose the FRA sub-directory, and then add the ROX file for FRA.

    Note that all language specific ROX files must be uploaded into the Siebel Reports\[LANGUAGE] folder.

  7. Save the cuaccsvc.txt files into the $\Siebel\Tools\REPORTS\[LANGUAGE] directory for each language in the Actuate iServer host machine.

    Note that, if deploying in a UNIX environment, the path is /export/home/actuate8/AcServer/lib/bin/ui/[language], assuming Actuate iServer is installed in /export/home/actuate8.

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