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PIMSI Engine Server Component Parameters

Table 15 lists PIMSI Engine server component parameters.

CAUTION:  You must specify the same values for the Extract Start Date and Generic Siebel Organizer parameters on all Siebel Servers in the Enterprise. If you do not, unpredictable results can occur.

Table 15. PIMSI Engine Server Component Parameters
Parameter Name
Parameter Alias

Engine Id


A unique identifier for each PIMSI Engine server component. This is a system field and cannot be changed.

Extract Start Date


Determines which calendar and task records are excluded from synchronization because of their date settings. For more information, see:

Generic Siebel Organizer Login

NOTE:  The value of the Generic Siebel Organizer Login parameter must be the same on all Siebel Servers in a Siebel Enterprise. Therefore, set the value of this parameter for the Siebel Enterprise and not for the PIMSI Engine or PIMSI Dispatcher components.



The Siebel login to use if the meeting organizer is not an employee listed in the Siebel database. Specify a login that meets the following conditions:

  • The login must correspond to a valid Siebel employee record that includes an email address.
  • The login is mapped to a valid Exchange account that has an Active Directory entry.
  • For a production environment, use the login name of an SSSE administrator who does not have synchronization enabled; this ensures the Generic Siebel Organizer is assigned only those meetings where the owner cannot be resolved. If the Generic Siebel Organizer has synchronization enabled, appointments assigned to that user include both unassigned meetings and the user's own meetings, which can lead to confusion. (Test environments do not have to meet this condition.)

NOTE:  If the Generic Siebel Organizer is the only meeting attendee, the meeting is deleted. For example, if User A accepts a meeting invitation from an individual who is neither an SSSE user nor an employee in the Siebel database, the meeting is synchronized to Siebel Business Applications with the Generic Siebel Organizer as the meeting organizer and User A as the attendee. If User A later declines the meeting in Microsoft Outlook, User A is removed from the meeting during the subsequent synchronization cycle. As the Generic Siebel Organizer is now the only attendee, the meeting is deleted by SSSE.

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