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Showing Log Event Fields in Log File Analyzer Results

Use the following procedures to show log file fields in the output from the Log File Analyzer (LFA) during an individual LFA session. You can also set this information in the LFA configuration file, which is applicable to all LFA sessions. For further information, see Configuring the Log File Analyzer.

To list the current event log field display status, see Listing Log Event Fields Display Status.

To show log file fields in the LFA output

  • Enter:

    showfield log_field_name


    log_field_name = Name of the log field name for display. See Table 37 for a list of the available display fields.

Set multiple log file fields to show on a single showfield command by separating each log file field with a space or comma.

Table 37. Configurable Log File Fields
Log File Field


Name of the event.


Name of the subevent.


Severity of the log file event.


File and path name of the log file.


Date and time of the log file.

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