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Configuring Server Components to Use System Alerts

This topic describes the task for configuring server components to use system alerts by setting applicable server component parameters. This task is a step in the Process of Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server System Alerts.

For background information on system alert notification, see About System Alert Notification. For background information on parameter administration, see About Siebel System Parameters.

To configure components to use system alerts

  1. Navigate to Administration-Server Configuration screen, Servers, and then the Components view.
  2. In the Components list, select the server component of interest.
  3. In the Component Parameters list, query for and set the parameters described in the following table.
Parameter Name
Parameter Alias

Notification Handler


Name of the System Alert profile; that is, the notification medium and settings for the component alerts:

Disable Notification


Boolean value that enables and disables server component notification. The default value is FALSE.

Time to Wait for doing Notification


Wait time in milliseconds before sending the alert notification. The default value is 100 milliseconds.

Notification Action on Task Exit


An integer value that determines if notifications are sent in case of error. A value of 0 disables error notifications; a value of 1 enables error notifications. The default value is 0:

  • Set this parameter to 1 to configure system alerts.

NOTE:  This parameter is an advanced parameter, which may not be set for display in the GUI. For more information on viewing advanced parameters, see About Advanced and Hidden Parameters.

NOTE:  You can also configure system alert parameters at the Enterprise Server and Siebel Server levels. See Configuring Siebel Server Parameters or Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server Parameters for these procedures. See About Siebel System Parameters for background information on parameter administration.

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