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Reviewing Siebel UI Navigation

Upgrades from: All Supported Siebel releases.

Environments: Development environment only.

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, IBM z/OS.

Reputility log section: "User Interface Navigation Upgrade."

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

The postmerge utilities analyze the repository and verify that objects referenced in screens, views and applets are defined correctly. The reputility.log lists objects that need to be modified. Review the section of the log referenced above and make the needed revisions.

The log is located here:



SIEBEL_TOOLS_INSTALL_DIR is the directory where Siebel Tools is installed.

Table 37 shows examples of common issues and corrective actions.

Table 37. Common UI Navigation Issues
Log Examples
What To Do

WARNING:: Project projname is not found in this Repository

The postmerge utilities exclude certain Tools projects from UI Navigation cleanup. One of the excluded projects was not found in the repository.

Action: None required.

WARNING:: Ignoring Screen View Record. View Definition Not Found [View: Account Briefing View]

The utility is unable to read the view definition to determine where it should display.

Action: Remove the invalid screen view record that references the invalid view.

WARNING:: Error Writing Category Record, Ignoring Changes [Name: catname]

The utility could not update or insert a record in the Siebel Database. Possible causes are that the record already exists or there is a database access problem.

Action: Verify that a duplicate catname record does not already exist, and then check database access.

WARNING:: Error Writing Screen View Record, Ignoring Changes [View: viewname]

The utility could not create a screen view record. Possible cause is that the category does not exist. This error is often a consequence of an error updating or inserting a category record.

Action: Verify that the screen view category exists, and then check database access.

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