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Viewing the Siebel Job Log Status

Upgrades: All upgrades.

Environments: All environments.

This topic is part of an upgrade process. See How to Perform a Siebel Database Upgrade.

Whether you are using Siebel-scheduling or vendor-scheduling to run your upgrade jobs, you can query the Siebel job log for the staging and target upgrade processes by completing the following procedure.

NOTE:  To view job status, you must have installed DSN REXX.

To view the Siebel job log status

  1. If you are not on the Siebel In-Place Upgrade 8.0 Main Menu, enter the following command:


  2. Select one of the following options, and press Enter:
    • Option 5: Staging Database Joblog (SBLLOG S).

      The Staging Joblog Query panel displays.

    • Option 6: Target Database Joblog (SBLLOG T).

      The Target Joblog Query panel displays.

      The panel ID of both the staging and target joblog panels is SBLLOGP.

      A list of successful and failed jobs appears.

  3. Next to the label List By Job Status:, enter 1 to list failed jobs and enter 2 to list jobs that have not yet been run.

    The list displays 250 lines only. The Unload, Load and Index Rebuild jobs have more than 250 jobs, so you must query using another option or by specific or partial job name.

  4. Press PF3 when you are finished viewing the log.

    The Siebel In-Place Upgrade 8.0 Main Menu for your upgrade path appears.

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