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About the Accounts Page for Siebel eBanking and eBrokerage

In Siebel eBanking, the term Accounts refers to financial accounts. Accounts can include asset accounts and liability accounts. Some types of asset accounts include demand deposit (checking), savings and money market, certificates of deposit, and investments, among others. Liability accounts include credit cards and loans.

Financial accounts are customers' instances of financial products. For example, a customer's personal savings account has a unique identifying number and is an instance of a savings account product offered by a financial institution. For information about adding or modifying financial accounts, see .

Users can drill down on the Account Number to view additional information about the transaction history. The user can also download account transactions into a spreadsheet application.

Table 3 shows a mapping between the views and applets in the customer application to the related views in Siebel Finance (the employee application). The view names listed are the display names observed by the end user; they are not the view names found in Siebel Tools.

Table 3. Mapping Siebel eBanking to Siebel Finance for Accounts Page
Siebel eBanking View
Siebel eBanking Applets
Related Siebel Finance Screens


Summary, Asset, Liabilities

Financial Accounts screen


Account Detail Applets

Financial Accounts screen


Transaction History Applets

Financial Accounts > Transaction Detail or Investment Transactions

In addition to the tasks described in Siebel Finance Guide, additional tasks are required for financial accounts to appear in Siebel eBanking. These attributes of the financial account and underlying product should be confirmed:

  • The financial account's Status field must be set to Open.
  • Each financial account has an Account Type field. This field is inherited from the Type field on the product associated with the account. The Type field can be viewed in the Product Administration > More Info view. The product's Type must correspond to the filters used in the user interface.
  • Each financial account must be associated with at least one contact, and a primary contact should be set.
  • In Siebel eBanking, the Alias field in the FINCORP Account Business Component is used to store the account nickname. A nickname is a name defined by the end user and set in the Siebel eBanking My Profile screen.

Summary View/Current Balance Summary Applet (FINS eBanking Contact Account Balance Form Applet)

The total asset and liability balance fields are calculated in the following manner.

  • The underlying business component queries for all financial accounts where the user is a contact on the financial account (user does not have to be the primary contact for the financial account).
  • The business component then sums up the asset and liabilities using the following criteria:
    • Asset. All accounts where the associated product category = Asset.
    • Liabilities. All accounts where the associated product category = Liability.

NOTE:  The calculation is a simple arithmetic addition of all Current Balance fields and assumes that the currency type on all accounts is the same.

Summary View/Deposits and Investments List Applet

This list contains all financial accounts where the associated product category = Asset.

NOTE:  The navigation to the Account Detail view is controlled by the Account Type. There is one Account Detail view for each Account Type. If you are introducing new Account Types, you must also confirm that you have an appropriate Account Detail view corresponding to these new Account Types.

Summary View/Credit and Loans List Applet

This list contains all financial accounts where the associated product category = Liability.

Account Detail Views/Account Select Applet

This applet provides quick access to all financial accounts held by the user. Note that this applet will not function properly if the user is not the primary Contact on all financial accounts displayed in Siebel eBanking.

Account Detail Views/Download

Consumers can download account transaction information for any of their accounts to a comma-delimited (CSV) file. This type of file can be opened and viewed using common spreadsheet applications, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Example .csv File Opened in a Spreadsheet Application
Click for full size image

Before the Download button can be used, you must activate the FINS eBanking Account Download Outbound workflow.

To activate a workflow

  1. In Siebel Finance, navigate to the Business Process Administration Screen.
  2. Select the workflow in the Workflow Processes list.
  3. Click Revise to make a new version of the workflow.
  4. Click Activate.

If you want to configure Siebel eBanking so your customers can download account information to other file types, see Adding Account Download File Types.

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