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Authorizing and Enrolling a Customer's Accounts

When a customer calls and asks to be enrolled in your company's online banking system, the call center agent can select (authorize) which accounts can be used for online banking before enrolling the customer.

To authorize and enroll a customer's accounts

  1. In Siebel Finance, navigate to the Service Requests screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select All Service Requests.
  3. Add a new record in the Service Requests List and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are shown in the following table.




    Bill Pay SignUp

    Last Name

    Customer's last name

  4. Click the hyperlink in the SR Number field.

    The FIN Service Request Acct Services Bill Pay SignUp View view appears.

  5. Click on the Account Services form applet to make it active.
  6. Click the select button in the Authorized Account field.

    The Financial Accounts dialog box appears. If there are no records in this dialog box, make sure that the service request is associated with a contact and that the contact is associated with one or more financial accounts.

  7. Click the Bill Pay Enable field to place a check in each account for which Bill Pay is authorized to draw funds.
  8. Click Close.
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