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About the Bill Pay Page for Siebel eBanking and eBrokerage

Electronic bill payment allows customers to pay bills from their home computers. Customers can select the accounts that they want to pay, and make single payments or automatic recurring payments at any time.

Before customers can use bill payment, they must contact your company so you can enroll them in this service, which typically requires a fee.

Siebel eBanking supplies the basic user interface for electronic bill payment, but you must complete the configuration and set up integration with a billing service provider (BSP) before your customers can use this feature.

There are six actions relating to electronic bill payment that are initiated by either the customer or a call center agent at your company. These are:

  • Enroll
  • Unenroll
  • Add Payee
  • Delete Payee
  • Add Payment
  • Cancel Payment

Enroll and unenroll are performed in Siebel Finance by a call center agent. The other actions are performed by the customer through the Siebel eBanking Web site.

Customer service agents perform the following procedures relating to bill payment:

  • Authorizing an account
  • Enrolling a customer
  • Unenrolling a customer
  • Determining whether a customer is enrolled
  • Reviewing payee setup
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