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About Siebel eBrokerage

Siebel eBrokerage is a Web-based interface that allows investors to manage their brokerage accounts and resolve service issues with brokerage firms. Investors include both individual investors and large financial institutions such as pension funds, investment funds, and money management groups. Siebel eBrokerage is completely integrated with Siebel Financial Services Applications, making it possible for a call center agent to use a single dashboard for queuing, viewing, and resolving customer issues that are submitted through the Web, email, or telephone.

NOTE:  Siebel eBrokerage is a customized version of Siebel eBanking that contains the Relationship page, Trades page, and a customized home page.

Siebel eBrokerage contains all of the functionality of Siebel eBanking. In addition, with Siebel eBrokerage, customers can perform the following self-service activities:

  • Trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and options
  • Set up recurring transfers between their banking and brokerage accounts
  • Transfer money by wire
  • Request that a check drawn on their funds be sent to them
  • Perform a full text search of the knowledge base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help resolve a service issue

Siebel eBrokerage provides the following channels for customers to get help from call center personnel:

  • A customer can create or update a service request. Documents and lengthy descriptions can be attached to help communicate the problem. A service agent can update the service request with solutions or documents relating to the problem. Workflow policies can be activated to notify a customer by email whenever an agent updates a service request.
  • A customer can communicate with service agents by email.

Siebel eBrokerage provides these additional features:

  • Web pages, views, and applets are configurable to conform to a customer's business model and the look and feel of a customer's Web site.
  • A salutation applet greets a registered user on login. This applet can be configured to contain any targeted content such as promotions, service request update information, or a birthday greeting.
  • Contact-based login minimizes the number of database accounts required to support all customers receiving Web-based support.
  • Business-to-business relationships benefit from the delegated administration feature. Registered users with expanded responsibilities can add new users at their site, reducing the administrative load at the Siebel eBrokerage host company.
  • Customers have contact-based data visibility, so they see only their own data.
  • Call center agents have a history of each user readily available that is independent of the channel of communication the user chooses.
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