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Differences in Personalization for CME

There are some changes in personalization for customer applications to support the fact that a single contact can have multiple accounts in communications, media, and energy.

Any account-specific personalization rules are evaluated using the contact's primary account.

When the contact logs in, the login process loads the contact's primary account's profile into memory. When the contact selects an account, it does not flush the primary account's profile out of memory and load a new one. It only changes the values of four profile attributes, as shown in Table 18.

Table 18. Profile Attributes Changes When a Contact Selects an Account
Attribute Name









This behavior cannot be changed, so account-driven personalization rules will always use the contact's primary account.

However, if you want to use a specific field value of the current account for personalization, you can write Siebel VB code to get the field value from the account. When the user selects an account, the system sets two global variables that can be accessed using Siebel VB:

  • AccountId
  • AccountName

To access these variables, use the InvokeMethod event, and use the SetProfileAttr method to set a dynamic profile attribute.

For more information about personalization, see Siebel Personalization Administration Guide.

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