Application Services Interface Reference

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Siebel Application Services Interfaces Overview

Defining ASIs

Types of ASIs

ASI Usage Examples

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Application Services Interfaces (ASIs)

ASI Structure

Integration Object Structure

Components and Fields in Integration Objects

List of Value Fields in Integration Objects

Related Business Component Selection in Database Updates

Unique Keys in Integration Objects

ASI Data Synchronization Services

Data Mapping for ASI Release Independence

Data Synchronization Methods for ASIs

ASIs and Universal Application Network Integration

Exposing ASIs with Interface Technologies

ASIs and Web Services

Protocols Used with ASIs

Handling Errors for ASIs

Authentication and Security for ASIs

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Administering Application Services Interfaces

Using ASIs

Configuring ASIs

Deactivating ASI Components and Fields

Real Time and Asynchronous Processing with ASIs

User Scenarios for ASI Administration

Deactivating Fields in the Integration Object

Exposing an Inbound ASI

Specifying an ASI Implementation

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Customizing an Application Services Interface

ASI Framework

Customizing Workflows to Use ASIs

Building Customized Interfaces Using the ASI Framework

User Scenarios for ASIs

Extending an ASI

Defining an Outbound ASI

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Predefined Application Service Interfaces

Prebuilt ASIs

Siebel Account

Siebel Action

Siebel Business Address

Siebel Personal Address

Siebel Asset

Siebel Class

Siebel Configurable Product

Siebel Contact

Siebel CUT Address MSAG Service

Siebel Cost List

Siebel Employee

Siebel Forecast

Siebel Invoice

External Opportunity Create/External Opportunity Query/External Opportunity Update

ANI Opportunity Message (PRM ANI)

ANI Message Header (PRM ANI)

Opportunity (PRM ANI)

Destination Channel Partner (PRM ANI)

Source Organization (PRM ANI)

Opportunity Account (PRM ANI)

Siebel Order

Siebel Position

Siebel Price List

Siebel ATP Response/External ATP Check

External Credit Check

Credit Check Request

Credit Check Response

External Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking Interface Request

Shipment Tracking Interface Response

Siebel SIA Service Request

Siebel Service Request

Siebel Simple Product

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Siebel Communications, Media, and Energy ASIs

Prebuilt Communications, Media, and Energy ASIs

Order Management

Siebel Order

Customer Lifecycle Management

Siebel Account

Billing Management

Siebel Invoice

Siebel Invoice Adjustment

CUT Payment Interface Integration Object

CUT Account Balance Interface - Request Integration Object

CUT Account Balance Interface - Response Integration Object

Siebel Meter Reading

Siebel Meter Usage Data

Siebel Payment

Product and Pricing Administration

Siebel Simple Product

Trouble Ticketing Management

Siebel Trouble Ticket

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Application Services Interface Reference